Specialized Technology Pavilion

Highlight thecountry’s strategic emerging industries and consider big city solutions:

1)Energy conservation and environmental protection

High efficiency energy conservation industry: efficient lighting products, green construction materials, energy-saving transportation vehicles, and energy conservation management and service;

Advanced environmental protection industry: prevention and treatment of water and air pollution,environment monitoring instruments, and emergency handling equipment;

Resources recycling industry: comprehensive utilization of solid wastes.

2)New generation information technology

Network: new generation mobile communication, next generation internet, cloud computing,internet of things (like intelligent architecture, city transportation), 4G communication technology;

Next generation information network safety protection.


Biological medicines and medical inspection and detection equipment: external diagnosis instrument and reagent, traditional Chinese medicine, etc.;

Biological safety: food safety, etc.

4)High-end equipment

Intelligent manufacturing: robots, 3D printing, precision manufacturing, etc.

    Future Technology Pavilion

The Research& Development pavilion will showcase the research achievements and the leading technologies from universities, research institutions and R&D centers of the enterprises all around the world. Meanwhile, it will also display the Maker and independent inventors's transferable projects and self-owned patents for invention.

   Professional ServicePavilion

Technology trading service is an important function and highlight of CSITF which makes it quite distinctive from otherfairs. In order to enhance the diversity, pertinence and interaction of trading service with technological exhibitors, the trading service area is set up to build a supporting service system covering the entireindustrial chain of technology trade, including technology transfer license,intellectual property protection, scientific and technological investment and financing, international technological talent service, and investment promotion service. The trading service area will also set up a “patented technologies and products trading hall” organized by the State Intellectual Property Office.