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The 6th CSITF Brochure is for free to download[2017-08-07]
The 5th CSITF Post Show Report[2017-08-07]
Lighting the way to versatile 3D printing[2018-07-04]
St. Petersburg at the VI China International Technology Fair[2018-04-06]
Yohohama will be the Guest City of Honor of the 6th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair[2018-02-07]
Tesla wants to test its electric semi sans human drivers[2017-08-10]
Galaxy Note 8's August 23 launch is important because...[2017-08-10]
Our mind is capable of both; doing annihilation or innovation. [2017-02-22]
We all know that the non-renewable energy resources will at some point of time be depleted.[2017-02-22]
With limitless international innovation as its theme, this zone encourages technology innovation, industry innovation, and business model innovation. [2017-02-22]
e with the world's best brands at CSITF who have been helping brilliant minds from around the world to make this world a better place![2017-02-22]
Only 64 days to go for one of the biggest technology fairs in Shanghai! Every year, CSITF lets you exhibit the latest technological inventions from around the world. [2017-02-22]
Our honourable hosts without whom this event won't be possible.#techfair #CSITF[2017-02-22]
he true potential of the power of microorganisms to produce antibiotics, hormones, etc. will be exhibited at the China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair, 2017. [2017-02-22]
he innumerable benefits of #UAV in the field of security, farming, photography, etc. is immense. Witness new high-tech drone innovations at the CSITF, 2017![2017-02-22]
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